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Horror 1st Treatment (with Ideas and Counter Ideas)

A woman in a bathrobe opens the door and takes his bottle of Happy Milk. She goes to the kitchen and start preparing breakfast, singing (+)

Upstairs, the husband is awake but does not get up, he is enjoying the morning singing of his wife and the breakfast smell. On his bedside table there is a picture of him, his wife and his son in a theme park, A happy family (+).

A shadow jumps on the man, who is surprised and does not have time to move (-).

It’s his son (8 years old), who has just woken up and wanted to wake up his Daddy. The woman downstairs calls the two late sleepers: “Come here! Breakfast is almost ready!”. The two smile (+)
The family is eating breakfast. Coffee and toast for the father, mother as well, kid cereal and glass of milk, the father pours milk (opening the closed milk bottle -> this is one of the reason for the hero guilty feelings during the second half of the story). (+)

As they eat (drink scene) something happens, the baby starts foaming at the mouth, his eyes roll back. Mom moves over him, trying to understand what is going on. “He needs a doctor!” screams the husband, who runs in the living room where the telephone is. He takes the telephone handset, dials the number (911), but a scream from the kitchen stops him, the man turns white in the face and runs into the kitchen … (-)

His son is on his mother, on her neck. Sounds of chewing and blood everywhere.

The man recoils in shock and then runs upstairs. He opens the bedside table drawer and pulls out a gun. With trembling hands. Carefully he goes downstairs, tears in his eyes, trying to not make noises, he get to the kitchen, peeking in and seeing his child, still eating his own mother. “Patrick? …” Calls the man, with a broken voice, and entering in the kitchen with the gun in his hand. The child does not speak, slowly turns his head, showing the face of the kid, zombified.

Father is out of desperation, “it is not possible, no … no …” The child, with incredible speed, turns and leaps at him. It ‘s a moment. The man instinctively fires (scene framed in profile, with strong contrasts, bullet and blood coming out through the kid’s head). The man fell to his knees, drained, his wife and son dead in the kitchen. (-)
Screams from the other houses and the entire city.

Night, the man is emaciated, dirty, a bandage covering part of his head. He is in front of a gate with a sign Happy Milk, and a signal of restricted area. He looks at the large building that stands in front of him, he enters the courtyard. A couple of zombies who are eating the rotten carcass of an animal, they abandon it and attack him. He shots two bullets and cold kills them. “Tonight you will pay for what you did.” The man opens the door. (+)

Inside the factory. The man is walking inside (shot framed over the shoulder of another character).

There are tanks of milk everywhere, and floating catwalks, hanging from the roof).

“I never thought you’d taken so long to arrive …” woman’s voice, “This time will be your end”

The man answers, “you’ll pay for what you did to my wife and my son, and to the whole city.”

“Your son?? YOUR CHILD? “, the woman replies, turning and looking at him, with her eyes full of madness.” And what about all my sons and daughters, that you killed? “

“You’re crazy, you’re infected milk and you’ve created monsters. They are not your children, you have only broken lives.”

She laughs with sharp and distorted voice,” Fine words, too bad they are worth little, you are about to die.” (-)

The woman makes a step forward, dodges a bullet and jump over him, looking at him with her crazy eyes and lifting her clawed-fingered hands. She grabs him.The man is frees himself from the catch, and gives to her a kick in the stomach, throwing her in a group of milk tanks. He shots to her, in the middle of her head.”Finally it’s over,” the man moves away from the woman, and begins to walk toward the exit of the central milk. (+)

“You think you killed me? Really???” a sharp voice says behind him. “She will live until I decide otherwise. You must die… All of you must die! You ruined my life, we had no fault in what happened…”. The man turns and looks at the dead body. She is talking without moving her lips, and looks dead. “They told to us, to her… that the compound was inoffensive, that she could work with in complete safety, without any security suit… and that’s what happened!” The woman body shakes in a grotesque way and then she opens her eyes. She is alive. She is trembling. The hero doesn’t understand what it’s happening. “No please, don’t let me doing this, I’m your mother!” the woman says. “For this reason mother, you have to do that, do you want that your little baby will die?” She is moving in direction of a full milk tank. “You are right darling.. you are right”. (-)

The man shots her, one, two, three times, but she doesn’t stop to walk. Finally she reaches the tank and drinks the milk. She collapses on ground. The man moves forward to reach her, and finally he discovers where the other voice was from. In her belly there is a face, a fetus face with opened eyes and spiky teeth. “It’s not been a wise choice to come near me… you stupid idiot!” the fetus says. The woman jumps over her legs. The man takes few steps backward, astonished. She is growing up, increasing her size and becoming a zombie! The fetus pilot here like a robot, they are both laughing hysterically. (-)

Second battle begins. The hero shoots wildly but seems useless. The monster attacks him but he manages to dodge a few hits that destroy the surrounding structure. A punch, however, hits him, and “flies away” hitting the wall. The super zombie dashes forward, reaches the man and pierces him with her nails, trespassing his body side by side.. He, losing his senses, notices something out of the frame, with the little strength he has left. Meanwhile the woman zombie starts to lick his face as to taste him before slaughtering him. He aims, with his trembling arm, and shots a bullet. It scratches the monster face and flies away. (-)

She laughs, while the bullet cuts the last rope that held floating catwalk behind them. It swing down and violently beheads the monster. She is dead. The fetus cries in angry and despair. Her arm, separated by her body, is still through the man and the concrete wall. For this reason the hero is still standing up. Fetus voice decreases in intensity and becomes a feeble murmur. Than he dies. (+)

The hero closes his eyes, and sees the silhouettes of his lostwife and son.

Horror Climax and Controlling Idea

Horror (Splatter / Uncanny) / sub. Action / / Action = Pure Zombies

Period: Today, the near future
Duration: 1 Year
: Large City (racoon city type)
Levels of conflict
: man against monster to the death
Drinking Scene Position
: Poison in the milk, beginning

Climax: the final fight between the bad (crazy woman) and the good one., The good one is going to win, throws the bad guy in a tank of milk (final location bottling plants), but the antagonist comes out from the tank and she is huge and really angry, “an ultimate zombie”!
Real last battle begins. The hero is in difficulty. Counted bullets.He realizes that the bullets don’t do any damage to the monster… She slams him against the wall, and pierces his chest with her clawed hand. He notices something out of the frame, with the little strength he has left, while the mega zombie woman licks her face as if to taste it before she will tear him to pieces. With his last strengths, the hero aims and fire a shot that goes next to the distorted face of the woman, scratching her face.She laughs.But the bullet wasn’t for her, it cuts the last rope that held a floating platform behind them. Zombie boss is violently beheaded. The hero falls to the ground (is he dead? Will he live? No answer to those questions), but, meanwhile his eyes are closing, he sees the silhouette of his wife and his son, behind them a bright light.
Controlling Idea [Value (positive or negative) + Cause]: Positive (Hero loses everything but has his revenge) + He finds a reason to keep living because he wants to find who ruined his life and to have revenge.

The Saint – Short Film & Production Bible

This is the final result of all the hard work my team and me have done during the last 2 months. As second year animation students we are really proud of it ^^.


Team contacts:

thesaintproduction team

Matthew Bradley – Storyboard Artist & Animator

Joseph Conlan – Producer, Scriptwriter & Animator

Jack Dubben – Background Artist & Lead Animator

Katarzyna Prujszczyk – Concept Artist, Character Designer & Animator

Riccardo Riguzzi – Original Idea, Director, After FX Compositing, Premiere Editing & Graphic Designer



The Saint Final Script with Directors notes for the storyboard artist

The following script is the third version of the Saint story, that has changed a lot during the different production stages. It is not the final one, because we found during the new animatic that we could cut and change again few things to improve the structure. On the left margin of every page there are little drawings made by me for Matthew, the storyboard artist, with few notes about what we needed to change or create in every scene.