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Concerto – Storyboard

This is the storyboard I’ve drawn for my short film. I think that story is ok, but I would like to change it a little bit in order to give more importance to the Audience and maybe add a second theme to the story… but I’m still not sure.
When I tested the mute animatic at UWE (I’ll post it tomorrow) people laughed where they had to, so actually the film is working and I’m happy with the timing, so I could/should stop to over work on this story and start to design the character and animate it. On the other hand, I’m just wondering is it’s enough to make people laugh, or if maybe I can just change a ouple of things in the story, a reaction/a relation between the female character and the audience, and apply an open second meaning to my story.
It’s a really hard decision robably the best thing is to storyboard this “second version” work on both the sound designs and then see which one works better…


XIST4 – Storyboard

After the character design, my client and me (and the constant and really useful presence of his web/graphic design agency) started to work on the scripts for the animation project. It’s been a really demanding task, but finally we found a way to express the key points that make XIST4 a great group and one of the best IT Recruitment realities in UK.

Then it was already time to start to storyboarding!!!

I decided that for this project I wanted to push forward my digital storyboard skillset, so I downloaded an old demo version of Toom Boom Storyboard and I started to doodle on it, trying to understand its interface and tools.
After a first quite hard experience, I’ve fallen in love with this beautiful piece of software and I bought it :)

I can’t post here the whole storyboard or the animatic (at least not yet) but you can see a selection of panels right now (and right here ;) )

Horror Story – Storyboard Sequence

This is the first part of the storyboard. Unfortunately I overstimated my drawing skills and I spent too much time trying to find my style. Right now I’ve found it, but it’s too late for the deadline -.- On the other hand is just in time for my next projects, and probably for all the stories I uploaded here. It is a good starting point for a summer project, and to force myself to keep drawing and getting better and better :)





The Saint – Short Film & Production Bible

This is the final result of all the hard work my team and me have done during the last 2 months. As second year animation students we are really proud of it ^^.


Team contacts:

thesaintproduction team

Matthew Bradley – Storyboard Artist & Animator

Joseph Conlan – Producer, Scriptwriter & Animator

Jack Dubben – Background Artist & Lead Animator

Katarzyna Prujszczyk – Concept Artist, Character Designer & Animator

Riccardo Riguzzi – Original Idea, Director, After FX Compositing, Premiere Editing & Graphic Designer



The Saint Final Script with Directors notes for the storyboard artist

The following script is the third version of the Saint story, that has changed a lot during the different production stages. It is not the final one, because we found during the new animatic that we could cut and change again few things to improve the structure. On the left margin of every page there are little drawings made by me for Matthew, the storyboard artist, with few notes about what we needed to change or create in every scene.

First rough storyboard of The Saint story

When the Saint Production started, it wasn’t easy to explain to the group my vision of the story. I had few sketches and a very rough outline of the action, but it wasn’t enough. So I drawn a fast storyboard to show how the story was in my mind. Confronting the storyboard we are using now (based on the script version number 3) with this storyboard is really interesting because the story changed a lot, but few shots and composition are still the same.

Killer Insect – An old storyboard found in a sub sub sub sub sub folder :)

The storyboard I post now it’s the oldest work I will probably upload on my blog, it’s dated 2008 and it was also my second (and last) attempt to attend the three months animation course in Bristol. The title of the contest, if I remember right, was “How to kill an Insect” and I had this idea of a product to kill insects that in the end is an Insect Killer, with a look similar to Jean Reno in the film “Lèon”.

Enjoy ^^