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The Saint – Short Film & Production Bible

This is the final result of all the hard work my team and me have done during the last 2 months. As second year animation students we are really proud of it ^^.


Team contacts:

thesaintproduction team

Matthew Bradley – Storyboard Artist & Animator

Joseph Conlan – Producer, Scriptwriter & Animator

Jack Dubben – Background Artist & Lead Animator

Katarzyna Prujszczyk – Concept Artist, Character Designer & Animator

Riccardo Riguzzi – Original Idea, Director, After FX Compositing, Premiere Editing & Graphic Designer



The Saint – The Short Film!!! [video inside]

This is the finished animation that I directed for my university project. Every member of my team worked really hard to achieve this result and I am really proud of them (and it). Probably is not a master piece of animation but it’s been created with a lot of passion and it represents a lot of “first experiences” to me.
It is my first story adapted for an animated film.
It is the very first short film I ever directed.
It is also the firs full production I ever worked in.

I hope you will enjoy it ^^



PS: probably this short will be send to the DepicIt film festival :D stay tuned ^^

The Saint Final Script with Directors notes for the storyboard artist

The following script is the third version of the Saint story, that has changed a lot during the different production stages. It is not the final one, because we found during the new animatic that we could cut and change again few things to improve the structure. On the left margin of every page there are little drawings made by me for Matthew, the storyboard artist, with few notes about what we needed to change or create in every scene.

First rough storyboard of The Saint story

When the Saint Production started, it wasn’t easy to explain to the group my vision of the story. I had few sketches and a very rough outline of the action, but it wasn’t enough. So I drawn a fast storyboard to show how the story was in my mind. Confronting the storyboard we are using now (based on the script version number 3) with this storyboard is really interesting because the story changed a lot, but few shots and composition are still the same.

The Saint Characters Evolution

At the moment my group and me are working really hard on The Saint Project, and I don’t like very much to double post the materials (posting the same articles on this blog and on the production one).
On the other hand  it is a nonsense to not post anything about The Saint Project here. The best approach I found is to talk about this animated short without just copy and paste the posts talking about the production and what I’m finding interesting, hard or important to say about the director role.
To open this section, I think is a good idea to show the interesting evolution the characters had frum my first sketches to the final character design. I must admit that is amazing when you see something you can only image in your mind coming to life thanks to the skills of someone else. Just one last additionalnote, the final devil is magenta because we will add textures in After Effects using a color keying.
On the left you can see my original sketch, on the right the final character for the Saint, made by Katarzyna Prujszczyk.


Again, left my drawing, right from Katarzyna.


As usual, the orange devil was created by me and the magenta one is the final design.